Popular Field Service Management Apps

Many businesses are constantly on the go, and thanks to technological advancements, remaining connected and up to date is much easier. Field service management (FSM) applications have greatly benefited such workforces. FSM software refers to a cloud-based system which allows companies to oversee vast sets of resources. This can range from delivery dispatch and scheduling to safety monitoring.

Often FSM apps are utilized in industries such as healthcare, maintenance, and telecom, as workers are in the field, and data must be tracked remotely. Field service management software usually integrates with other enterprise resources, like billing software and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. A key advantage of FSM software is maintaining and ensuring mobility, as real-time data is synced despite having workers deployed in the field. Other benefits include higher productivity, cost-savings, and improved customer satisfaction.

Seeking the best FSM solution? Here are the top five field service management apps:

  1. ServiceMax: ServiceMax rapidly become an industry-leader with a powerful, scalable platform. The main areas ServiceMax focuses on are parts, contracts, scheduling, and social. Its functionality allows users to increase revenue, boost efficiency, and generate more customer happiness. There are mobile apps (for Android and iPhone) to simplify field work, and even an onus on the Internet of Things (IoT). ServiceMax partnered with IoT experts at PTC Thingworx to create a connected field service product. A neat feature is ServicePulse, a way of leveraging social media to allow for remote collaboration. Built on the Salesforce Chatter platform, it allows for employee interactions and advanced business insights.
  2. Service Cloud: Salesforce has dominated the CRM space, so it’s no surprise that their Service Cloud solution is similarly powerful. As with other Salesforce apps, Service Cloud is built for speed, increasing efficiency. Running on the Salesforce1 platform, there’s mobile support for field technicians. A major component is self-service, as illustrated by Service Cloud’s Knowledge module and included social services. Such features allow for ease of troubleshooting, and encourage customers to locate answers themselves, increasing company productivity. In true Salesforce fashion, there are loads of reporting options which facilitate a deep dive into business analytics.
  3. mHelpDesk: Need a solution that’s fit for field focused businesses and packed with integrations? mHelpDesk is the answer. A major trend in enterprise IT is a shift towards software integrations, facilitating shared information and data across a slew of platforms. The mHelpDesk FSM offers the functionality to maintain a field-deployed business from a central hub. In addition to streamlining operations such as delivery, scheduling, and billing, integrations further improve organizational efficiency. Notably, QuickBooks integration makes accounting seamless. Plus, there’s a built-in CRM, which further posits mHelpDesk as a centralized solution.
  4. Wintac: While field-centric workforces may share many similarities, industry needs vary greatly. Wintac offers a fantastic breakdown of specifically tailored industry features, ranging from HVAC and plumbing to cleaning and construction. An all-in-one solution, Wintac offers services such as dispatch and scheduling, proposal generators, accounting, fleet and inventory management, and even a CRM all wrapped up into a nice package. Plus, it’s available on a range of platforms, and offers integrations with widely-used services including QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and TomTom fleet management.
  5. Kickserv: Kickserv strives for simplicity, with balance of robust tools and ease of use. The full-fledged field service management suite, as per FSM standards, offers integrations with oft-used services like QuickBooks, a CRM, and built-in scheduling, invoicing, dispatch, and calendar functionality. API interaction is a highlight, and mobile apps ensure that field service-centered businesses can continue to get the job done anywhere.

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