A School Division’s Journey towards Optimal Management and Analytics Excellence

In this insightful video, Jonathan Edwards, esteemed IT Architect at Virginia City Public Schools (VCPS), unveils the remarkable journey of technological advancement within the school system. Join him as he delves into the key initiatives that have propelled VCPS to new heights: They automated their IT ticketing system and improved data management. Ensured regular updates […]

5 Ways to Reduce Risk of Data Loss

An organization’s data provides both opportunities and challenges for new designs that best converts raw data into clear, actionable information.  With the digital transformation of organizations, new technologies like advanced analysis, performance intelligence, and machine learning have become critical to their long-term success.  Thus, to build that future, it is now more important than ever […]

Salesforce Backup Best Practices

Learn how to leverage native and third-party apps to meet your compliance, operational, and business continuity goals Like all platforms, your Salesforce instance is not immune to data loss. Many SaaS providers do not provide data recovery services. Currently, Salesforce falls into that group but has indicated that it will reintroduce a service during the […]

Privacy Regulations and their Impact on SaaS Data Backup, Like Salesforce

Whether you are a B2C, D2C, B2B, or B2G company, you create SaaS data that falls under privacy laws. Although there is no one-size-fits-all data privacy approach, companies should understand how this data is being collected, used, retained, and safeguarded across their organization and with their partners. Companies should also leverage the fields/attributes offered by […]

When to Use SaaS Data Backup vs Replication

As SaaS data management solutions evolve to meet the market’s growing data management and data endpoint needs, the lines are becoming blurred between SaaS backup and replication. The following summarizes the typical SaaS backup and replication features that you are likely to encounter on the market and where these lines become blurred. Some of the […]

9 SaaS Data Loss Statistics You Should Know

Salesforce’s sunsetting of their data recovery services in July 2020 has stirred the pot, generating renewed interest in SaaS backup. Whether you are considering Salesforce backup solutions or are just interested in statistics and trends, read on to discover a few data and data loss statistics that you should know. SaaS Data Revenue is Growing […]

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