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Avankia the makers of DBSync, an Integration Platform for Salesforce, Financial, Healthcare and BI applications and TargetRecruit, a leading Workforce Management System is gearing up for the biggest Cloud event on the planet, Dreamforce 2016. We are showcasing all that is new and happening and you are most welcome to take a sneak preview into what has kept us in buzztown all of last year.


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We pride ourselves on being the  fastest way to integrate any combination of SaaS, Cloud and on-premise applications like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, Sage etc. DBSync also enables you to replicate Salesforce to build your own data warehouse and backup functionality. Here are some of the features and enhancements that  you can expect to see.


1. New and Improved Website

  • Community Portal: Community portal was introduced as a part of Website release , where all the DBSync users can post questions regarding the platform. It also serves a Forum where the end users of the tool can interact  with platform experts to get their doubts clarified. Click Herecommunity
  • More Datasheets, videos and more: New Videos, DataSheets, Blogs and other online resource material were introduced as a part of new website release. This has enhanced usability, readability and provides in-depth knowledge of the use-cases implemented by DBSync till date so that user can evaluate the product for their Business needs. Click Here [divider type=”thin”]

2. A New User Interface for Cloud WorkFlow

  • Improved User Experience: As Technology is evolving , we also have moved to BootStrap responsive design which would give better user expensive supporting cross browser, multi device enabled with elegant look and feel so that user can perform the operations with ease of navigation, readability.
  • Improved Log Viewer: We have introduced very unique way of reading logs and log section is moved inside project section for ease of access. Every process has as stats on the landing page of log section which will show whether the process has run successfully or has any errors . Basing on the priority user can navigate to relevant sections for debugging.[divider type=”thin”]

3. Improved Subscription Management and Renewing Experience

  • Subscription Management: Lists out the popular, all products with enhanced shopping experience which will allow user to browse through popular product, add, pay and use the products . We also provide the Active license, Transactional details for user have track what all he have now and transaction happened during earlier dates.
  • Renewing Experience: With a click of button user can renew his earlier subscriptions or add new product license, pay and can straightaway start using the tool without the worry of his license getting expired.[divider type=”thin”]

4. ApiCode


With the introduction of ApiCode , The technology which is  patented by DBSync the building, designing and deploying of connectors is made easy. The turnaround time in building the connectors is reduced considerably and the below are the connector which are built using ApiCode.[divider type=”thin”]

5. Adapters


  • Microsoft NAV Connector: DBSync Microsoft Dynamics NAV adapter allows you to integrate your front and back-office applications to streamline and automate your business processes and ensure that your MS Dynamics NAV data is accurate, timely, and functional. DBSync can automate in near real-time between MS Dynamics NAV and CRMs like Salesforce and MS CRM. MS NAV adapter can also be used to integrate MS Dynamics NAV with database like MySQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle. Click Here
  • Sage 100 Connector: The Sage 100 connector enables you to move data into and out of the Sage 100 accounting application ( formerly known as MAS 90) . Using DBSync Sage 100 connector , the customer can directly connect to Sage 100 application which will allow to query , add, modify and delete various types of records, including Customers, Items, Sales rep , Vendor, Invoices and many more. Click Here
  • Inventiv (PocketAdvantage) Connector: PocketAdvantage Connector allows you to integrate data between Pocket Advantage Application, which is designed for sales rep in the field processing daily orders for wine, beer and spirits and back-office accounting applications like QuickBooks to streamline and automate business process for data to be accurate, timely and functional. Click Here
  • Salesforce & QuickBooks – Standard Edition: Simplified standard edition allows the user step by step in using the data synchronization without the need to go through any application support . The user interface itself is so intuitive and self explanatory that any layman user can login configure the Salesforce and QuickBooks connector and sync the data. Click Here [divider type=”thin”]

6. API

API Management is the next wave of application integration with ReST / JSON leading the way. We added an extension to offering to support Quick deployment of ApiCode into a Swagger enabled ReST / JSON application engine. For developers it is a great way to build on top of our platform and quickly expose microservices through our platform.

We are showcasing at Dreamforce’16 and would be delighted to walk you through all that is new and happening at DBSync.

Schedule some time to meet us at #2145 at Dreamforce’16

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Link: http://learn.preprod.mydbsync.com/dreamforce-dbsync/ [divider type=”thick”]

TargetRecruit Healthcare



Innovation has always been the buzzword at TargetRecruit since inception and last year was no different. As we expanded our repertoire of apps to ensure our end to end platform ticked every single box on a recruiter’s checklist, we also made our foray into Healthcare staffing  with some bold, dynamic steps.

Technology has been touted as the key driver in the Healthcare sector in 2016 so we have been absolutely focussed in assessing our role as an end to end workforce management platform empowering Healthcare organizations and staffing firms to manage recruitments with confidence and  efficiency, contributing towards superlative patient care.

Skills-Based Search & Match Automation

Every position requires specific skills and competencies, which are key to servicing patients with the right care. With TargetRecruit, managers can identify and update these skills for each candidate, then track them all on one platform.

Healthcare Credential Management

Our cloud-based credentials management portal is developed specifically for healthcare recruiting professionals. When applying for healthcare jobs, applicants must possess specific licenses or certifications which must be verified by employers before hire. Before they invest too much time into their candidates for a specific role, they can find out if they are the best fit. This tool will verify, manage and prepare reports all on one system.


A single staffing and scheduling system, when used across the entire enterprise, can be a valuable tool for ensuring open shifts are filled more quickly and efficiently. The Shift Management feature is designed to help recruiters source and manage talent, and post-hire for jobs with multiple shifts by automatically matching candidates to specific shift times based on their availability and required skill sets.

Rate Calculator & Gross Margin Management

Healthcare staffing firms can eliminate manual and paper processes entirely when working on contracts and placement. With TargetRecruit, they can store, search and manage contracts and financial details through Rate Cards and Scratch Sheets. Most solutions do not provide the capability to configure, and without TargetRecruit platform, staffing companies must resort to manual processes that are most likely stored in multiple systems or stacks of paper.

Back Office
Our automated timesheet, billing, payroll, accounting and reporting apps will help streamline the back-end processes, ultimately saving time and boost quality of service to clients.

Healthcare industry has a lot riding on it with the pressure to improve patient experience and outcomes and at the same time ensure profitability and lower costs. We are enabling this with the right technology.


Complete Vendor Management System

Whilst Healthcare undoubtedly was a focus area for TargetRecruit, we’ve been working relentlessly behind the scenes to address challenges faced by large and mid-size organizations in the area of Vendor management.

Traditionally most companies manage their workforce through internal HR departments. Increasingly there has been a shift towards outsourcing recruitment and staffing through service providers who work through multiple vendors. In such a scenario, it becomes pertinent to create an interconnected ecosystem which can empower organizations to manage their vendors effortlessly, ensuring visibility and transparency. With robust talent management features, flexible reporting options, leading cloud architecture and an innovative product roadmap, TargetRecruit’s vendor management system offers a solution, very few in the recruitment space offer. An easily customizable end-to-end platform that integrates seamlessly and follows a very systematic workflow including marketing, sales, workforce tracking, onboarding, applicant tracking, credentialing, analytics, accounting and vendor management.

We would love to give you a complete walk through this state of the art Vendor Management System which is all set to change the way organizations manage their recruitment and staffing. Schedule some time to meet us at booth #2145 at Dreamforce’16

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Link: http://www.targetrecruit.net/landingpage/dreamforce-targetrecruit/

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