Timesheet to Billing Automation using TargetRecruit and DBSync

Timesheet Billing & Invoicing module is a workflow-driven project billing solution that automates project financial reporting, and invoicing; and connects your sales, project delivery, financial systems and teams.

Do you often ask?

  • Are we accounting for all project billing?
  • Can we bill faster and more accurately?
  • How can we automate our project revenue recognition policy?
  • Can I quickly identify low margin underperforming projects?

When it comes to timesheet management, you need to make it simple and easy for employees to enter hours worked and supporting timesheet information. The more manageable the process, the more likely timesheets will be accurate and entered on time.
With TargetRecruit, users can easily and quickly capture detailed timesheets. TargetRecruit timesheet management on Force.com platform allows mapping of timesheet entry and approvals to your unique business requirements—ensuring you capture the right information every time.
TimeSheet allows employees record their work hours. Additionally, TimeSheet can be used by the employer to pay the employees.

TimeSheet & Projects sync up to offer:

  • One-click integration with hiring and placement to Projects and TimeSheet assignments
  • TimeSheet & Expense Tracking, Approvals, Rejections (including Notifications)
  • Track profit and loss by each Resource and Project
  • Automatic Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculation
  • Cases for the TimeSheet Support team
  • Bill & Pay Rate
  • Accounting with AccountingBook
  • Customized Reports & Dashboards

DBSync helps to integrate managed time entries from Salesforce to any accounting systems to process Payroll.
Project financial reports such as pre-bills and charge-back reports can be created at any time with a click of button; they can also optionally be put through an approval process and posted to your financial system. There are a variety of options to map any customer, project or task to your accounting system’s general ledger (GL) accounts or segments through DBSync.
From TargetRecruit Billing and Invoicing module, data can be integrated with Accounting systems, All that is tracked under project time and expense entries can be integrated into Accounting systems using DBSync.
Timesheet Billing & Invoicing module has been designed to automate your entire time and billing and revenue reporting process.

With DBSync connect your CRM and accounting system, a project in Timesheet where it is planned, budgeted, tracked and billed is integrated into the Accounting system to generate Invoices and Bills. Detailed or summary project cost and billing information is then posted to your financial system’s accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules. Dashboards, reports and notifications provide instant status updates and improve collaboration with your sales, delivery and accounting teams.
Reach out to us to know more about what we can offer in Timesheet Automation and Integration space!

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