Discover Real Time Integration with DBSync’s Salesforce Streaming Connector

Have you ever felt the power of speed? That is exactly what one new Salesforce Streaming Connector brings you: real time, made real.

The connector is based on Salesforce Streaming API, which makes use of a technology that transmits data in a practically continuous manner, without waiting for the whole data set to arrive, enabling you to manipulate the data almost immediately after arrival.

Moreover, the Salesforce Streaming API helps you to focus your data transfer on the relevant data only, as it follows a publisher-subscriber model. In it, users subscribe to channels that broadcast specific data changes defined via SOQL queries. Thus, for example, a channel can be designed to inform changes in email addresses available on clients’ accounts.

What are the Benefits

An architecture with a focused real time processing can have a huge impact on how your business functions, because you have knowledge as transactions take place.

With continuous data processing, a small amount of transactions is processed every time, making the data available as it arrives.

Streaming connector

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The benefits are plenty: data access is boosted, the necessary resources are reduced, and uptime is improved. These advantages can have an enormous effect on your business, by helping you outperform your competitors and increase your profits.

When to Use Real Time Integration

Continuous data processing can have a serious impact on several areas of your business. Three important ones are: an improved customer service, vendor independence and error reduction.

Improved Customer Service

Having continuous information feeds can influence the way customers respond to incentives. Their responses can be analyzed almost instantly, and incentives adjusted accordingly. Inventories can be updated timely and production efforts reduced. Customers can have receipts sent to them immediately after purchasing, and enjoy the feeling of almost instant gratification.

Vendor Independence

The capacity to continuously transmit data between different applications, frees you from being dependent on a single vendor. In this manner, you can choose the systems that you believe are the best for each different need.

Error Reduction

Continuous data updates ensures that the correct data is always available. Changes in contact information, banking details and other data is immediately reflected across your integrated systems, reducing inconsistencies and ensuring error-free timely responses.

So, Why is this Technology so Efficient?

The answer is simple: the foundations behind it. The Salesforce Streaming API uses several proven technologies that combined, optimize the data transfer.

The asynchronous communication is based on the widely accepted Bayeux protocol and Ajax methodology, ensuring a persistent client-server connection, where events are incrementally handled and interpreted on the client side immediately on arrival.

Long polling or Comet Programming minimizes the amount of messages sent, by waiting until data is available to be delivered, eliminating no-data messages.

Adding to these technologies, DBSync user friendly interface ensures that the integration process is done in a fast and easy manner, permitting you to self-design your integration processes.


We have seen that real time integration can have a huge impact on your business. Customer needs are swiftly serviced, business performance information is current, and production and delivery are focused towards your business’ most important needs.

This continuous integrated data flow can be easily achieved with DBSync’s Salesforce Streaming Connector, enabling you to create the real time architecture that optimizes your business.

Find this exciting? Go to our website ( ) and try it for free. If you have any questions, contact us, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.

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