Automate Salesforce Data Replication to Azure Synapse Using DBSync

What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse is like a forest fire in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Data serves as the fuel to start this fire. Just like fuel is necessary to keep a fire going, quality data is necessary for better cloud-based performance.

The demand for data storage, upkeep, and transfer from one site to another is rising as many new enterprises enter the IT industry. Understanding Azure Synapse Analytics is essential as a result.

This technology is a progression of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. A powerful relational database that is scaled up and hosted in the cloud is Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Two characteristics that are widely used to combine data from many data sources, explain metrics, and safeguard your data in a single, dependable tabular data model are advanced mashup and modeling capabilities.

Using DBSync, you can replicate Salesforce data to Azure Synapse. To add a replication destination, navigate to the Connections tab.

  1. Select Database
  1. Select Azure Synapse Analytics as a destination.

  1. Enter the necessary connection properties. To connect to Azure Synapse, provide authentication properties (see below) and set the following properties to connect to a Azure Synapse database
  • You can find login details by logging into the Azure portal and navigating to Azure Synapse Analytics -> Select your database -> Connection Strings 
  • Use Azure Blob

Steps to Get Access key and connection string for Using Azure Blob.
Step 1- Login to your Azure portal
Step 2- On the home screen select the Storage account From Azure services 

Step 3- Inside Storage accounts select the Desired storage you want to connect with 
Step 4- Inside the selected storage click on access key from left hand panel 
Step 5 – Copy the Key and connection string and paste them to the Given space

Characteristics of Azure Synapse

  • Variety of analytics services with unparalleled time to insight
  • Analytics for businesses offered as a service
  • Apply ML algorithm to all of your smart applications 
  • Broaden the insights you can discover from all of your data.
  • With Azure Synapse Link, remove data barriers and run analytics on data from operational and business apps.
  • Secure data using the industry’s most cutting-edge security and privacy features.

Azure Synapse Best Practice

  • Data Warehouse: 

Seamless interaction with a variety of platforms and data providers

  • Exploratory Analysis: 

Data exploration and finding out using SQL queries opposite a synapse database

  • Data Visualization: 

Collaborating with Tableau or Excel for faster and informal decision making

  • Real-Time Analytics: 

Data unification of different operational sources to deploy real-time exploratory solutions with the help of BI tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.

  • Step up Analysis:

Utilizing Azure Databricks to get the most out of your data and improve business outcomes or results that can be drawn from the analysis that we did from the BI tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.


Azure Synapse is the one-stop designation for data engineers to have an entire end-to-end data pipeline in one place. And, Synapse can handle all the business insights in less interval time. Therefore you need not have to spend on additional technology platforms to bring data from different platforms into a single place. If you’re convinced and want to realize the business benefits of Synapse, we are ready to assist you

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