A School Division’s Journey towards Optimal Management and Analytics Excellence

In this insightful video, Jonathan Edwards, esteemed IT Architect at Virginia City Public Schools (VCPS), unveils the remarkable journey of technological advancement within the school system. Join him as he delves into the key initiatives that have propelled VCPS to new heights: They automated their IT ticketing system and improved data management. Ensured regular updates […]

Automate Salesforce Data Replication to Azure Synapse Using DBSync

What is Azure Synapse Analytics? Azure Synapse is like a forest fire in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Data serves as the fuel to start this fire. Just like fuel is necessary to keep a fire going, quality data is necessary for better cloud-based performance. The demand for data storage, upkeep, and transfer from one […]

Embracing Big Data Could Increase Profitability Margins by 60%

Introduction  With the rise in the amount and variety of data – in both structured and unstructured formats – the concern on how to manage data in such a way that it provides better storage, greater insights, and increased productivity to grow the business. Data sets such as these would be impossible to process manually, […]

Big Data and Search

We exist in a digital world today. Digitization is the new norm of the present which causes an explosion of the quantity of unstructured and structured data formed, shared and stored simultaneously. The generated data is contributed through not just digital media, transactions, and business domains but also via individuals. For example, people share 30 […]

The Big Data phenomenon will be answered by an integrator

Collection and management of big data is about having a mechanism to handle high variety and large volume of data, as well as handling data at high velocity. Organizations are already taking advantage of data from variety of sources, including social sites, third party systems, global partners, Web tools such as Google Analytics, ERP systems […]

Demystifying Big Data (Part 2)

In my last blog I spoke about how we can leverage Big Data for various business operations from human resource management to supply chain management and marketing initiatives.Moreover I spoke about how to leverage Big Data tables like Cassandra to enhance the capability of customer relationship management systems. Now moving one step ahead we need […]

Demystifying Big Data

Demystifying big data is something which we feel is necessary as organizations are apprehensive of trying their hands at Big Data because of the darkness hovering all around it.Either organizations are skeptical of the investment involved in leveraging Big Data or the right way of using the enormous repository and make business sense out of […]

Turning Data Mining into a Gold Mine

In previous posts I’ve defined and described Big Data. In this blog, I’m going to introduce a term just as important…Data Mining. In simple terms, Data Mining is effectively defined as “Sifting through very large amounts of data for useful or appropriate information”. This is designed to be a very elementary description of data mining, but if […]

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