5 Reasons Why customer should have Data Integration

1. Take advantage of specialized applications

If I can say in my words, every piece of software that works with data represents analyses and transforms information in a specialized way. By integrating data into a format accepted by that application, you’re giving yourself the power to open and use your data in that software.

For Example, In DBSync we are using different types of connectors like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, NetSuite (ERP), QuickBooks and many more.

With the help of these connectors, we are Integrating the data from different sources to different destination platforms.

2. Reduce technical complexity and improve business agility

In present time Data Integration architecture enables organizations to eliminate point to point Integration, Reduce Complexity and improve overall optimization while providing self-service access for distributed teams.

3. Make Data More Available

Centralizing your data makes it easy for anyone at your company (or outside of your company, depending on your goals) to retrieve, inspect, and analyze it.

Easily accessible data means easily transformed data. People will be more likely to integrate the data into their projects, share the results, and keep the data up to date.

4. Managing CRM Applications

Customer data integration is essential for the success of CRM. You need to have accurate customer details (the single version of the truth). This is important so that all the customer service employees (from those who call the customer to those who process the application) have a clear view of the customer and see the same data. Organizations are mainly utilizing customer data integration for customer retention by having a 360-degree view of them. Their next step would be using customer data integration to get new customers.

5. Data Integrity

Acc. to me many things will happen with your data from the day it is created in your system and throughout its lifecycle. It can be transferred to other systems, altered and updated multiple times. Human interactions, data transfers, viruses or compromised hardware are all events that can compromise your data’s integrity. This is where maintaining data integrity can become a tricky task.

In my job providing data integration solutions to organizations, data quality, and data integrity are always something we discuss in details. I believe that data integrity should be top of your mind at every stage of the data lifecycle, and already from the design and implementation phase of your systems. Data integrity also ensures recoverability and searchability, traceability and connectivity. Protecting the validity and accuracy of data also increases the stability and performance of your systems.

Reasons why to go for DBSync

DBSync is a proven integration platform which facilitates integration between various legacy systems, services, processes, business partners and data to provide new business value and improve new business performance. DBSync manages all communication, data translation, and process interaction among various connected applications. If I talk about the pricing, we have an excellent plan for our clients, and they can also choose the best package what they like based on their needs and requirements. Please check all the prices with all subscription plans at DBSync.

Best in class support and service plans

We are providing videos to the customers to help them in Implementation, to training documentation that explains, to a community platform, to one-on-one support from partners who can speed up your integration.

DBSync ensures you have everything required to implement and run your integration project deployment successfully. 
Providing standard support through email or online are included as a part of the yearly subscription. Check out more.

Easily Customizable Integration by using iPaaS

The DBSync iPaas is the fastest way to integrate between two applications with its existing pre-defined solutions. It allows companies to connect “Cloud to Cloud” or “Cloud to On-Premise” applications quickly to solve any integration problem. You can also use it to streamline various known business processes like an order to cash, procure to pay, service to cash, payment integration or integrate your cloud applications with your database.

DBSync provides Development studio that would jump start your cloud adoption with pre-built templates and easily customizable integrations, API’s and extend the platform so that any non-technical users can quickly build processes that connect with an unlimited number of Endpoints. Check out more.

Support Standard and Custom Connectors for Integration

Connectors or adapter which are sometimes referred to from an integration standpoint as a set of components within the iPaas are that opens a connection to an external system that is used to authenticate, push and pull data from external systems. 
Connectors in DBSync may be categorized into two types

  • Standard Connectors

The standard connector presents a published, constant Interface (API) to users and other components on the upstream side of the connector. Please check the below link to see how many standard connectors we are supporting.

  • Custom Connectors

DBSync provides SDK for building custom connectors. Most of the times we are getting requirements from the customers to create the custom connectors for them to transfer/ Integrate a Data from One application to another application like Salesforce to QuickBooks and many more. Check out more.


The tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. DBSync tutorials are used for knowledge transfer. 
Most of the time customers are using different tools for Data Integrations, but they don’t know how to use these tools for data integration. So, here DBSync is providing a Tutorial section for the users so users can come and see how they will be going to Integrate their data with the help of DBSync from Source to Destination applications like Salesforce to QuickBooks and many more. Tutorials provide all the information to the user about the queries builder and hierarchy mapping for the data flow. Check out more.

Template Library

Solution Library is a collection of pre-built integration solutions. These solutions can be easily added to your integration instance.

It helps the customers to get all the data about how to Integrate from source to target applications. With the help of Template Library customers will get to know about the information of Data Flow, Field Mapping, Process Map, Prerequisites for Integration and how the user will get to start with DBSync includes all the sequential points. Check out more.

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