Interview with The Hawk of All Trades – Mr. Anand Sankaranarayanan

Make a positive impact and improve at least one aspect of life for my next generation compared to what I received.

Anand Sankaranarayanan – Director of Program Management, Avankia / DBSync

Mr. Anand Sankaranarayanan is a Director of Program Management at Avankia LLC and is an important part of the Senior Leadership at DBSync. He manages DBSync’s service engagement projects and post sales processes. He is actively involved in new product development, strategies and future directions of the company and works closely with the CEO. Resource management and budgeting is something which is a part of his regular activities. He is extremely passionate about Automation and Business Intelligence and is constantly looking for day to day activities which can be made shorter, simpler and more effective through his expertise. 

From hiring to participation in progressing entrepreneurship within communities, he is not just a Jack of all trades but a Hawk of all trades at DBSync! 

Here is a short interview with Mr. Shankaranarayanan.

So, who is Anand Sankaranarayanan as a person? 

Self-Perspective is the most biased one! But you guys asked for it. I am an emotional person and happy most of the times. 

When you choose a workplace for yourself, what do you look for? 

I am a people’s person and the first thing I look for is the team I will be working with. I like to work with a team which is passionate, self-driven and which cares for each other.

What is that one quality you feel DBSync as an organization has which every organization should?

At DBSync we are encouraged to take risks and hold ownership. It offers a very entrepreneurial culture. You are given stretch goals, freedom to execute with result based rewards and recognition.

You are involved in multiple projects and multitasking all the time. How do you make this happen? 

It’s just the team. They help me a lot to manage various tasks along with a bit of self-discipline and a lot of current age task management tools like Asana, JIRA etc. 

Would you like to throw some light on some important enhancements or projects you are working on for DBSync? 

Sure! We are currently working on Cloud CDM which is highly expected in the market. Along with that we are also working on a Business Intelligence platform which would help us manage our clients more efficiently.

What is your moto in life?

Make a positive impact and improve at least one aspect of life for my next generation compared to what I received.

A word for all DBSync clients.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help solve your data problems. You are in safe hands. At DBSync we work every day to make things simple for you and to have you meet or exceed your business objectives. We strive to solve any data problems you have. Please let us know your business challenges and we might have a solution for you.

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