Popular Wine Distribution Order Management Apps

In Order management process, time is money. Sales reps often run out of time to note the orders manually and process them. This will cut into the bandwidth which order management representatives has to dedicate to face the customer and sell their products. In the case of wine industry, it is crucial for field sales representatives to maintain their focus on soliciting the wine orders and process them. Order Management apps for wine distribution will enable field sales representatives who sell wine and beer to save their time in data entry and data receiving.  

Order management in Wine distribution is gaining greater importance as integration service providers are extending their offerings for many accounting apps. This will make the order management streamlined and effective by offering a comprehensive view of real-time data. It allows customers or prospective customers to come up with requirements. Using it, sales reps can take wine pricing, spirit pricing and peer pricing and convert all of them into a simple spreadsheet and turn that into the proposal for customers.

The flipside of it is that it takes not more than an hour for a sales reps to learn using an order management apps for wine distribution. There are many apps offering the order management service in Wine distribution. Following are the few popular ones which are impacting the business with their offerings.

1. Inventiv – PocketAdvantage

Inventiv PocketAdvantage is a collaborative wine distribution order management app which resonates with sales reps on multiple levels. It comes with enhanced order processing feature by showing customer-specific pricing, displaying authorized products for that customer and warning reps when an order appears to be unusual. It simplifies the order processing and thus minimizes potential errors that result in product returns and give reps more time to focus on selling. A remarkable feature it offer is that if a sales rep is on leave, managers can step in and access the reps’ systems and make transaction seamless from where it was left.

DBSync offers seamless integration solutions to integrate the data between PocketAdvantage application and a back-office accounting application like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 100.  By integrating it with their accounting software, it will provide them with not only visibility to their existing customers, inventory levels but also effectively automate order management from the hand-held devices and streamline systems for data accuracy and manual reconciliations. To know more on benefits and features it offers, click the link here.

2. Greatvine

GreatVines offers diverse features and is one among the most widely used order management apps in wine distribution business. It manages account development, trade marketing, order entry, depletions and analytics unique to producers and distributors of Wine, Spirits and Beer. It can effectively leverage the benefits of Salesforce1 customization and extensibility like automation and workflow, email integration, direct marketing, comprehensive API services.

3. eWinery Solutions

eWinery offers the Point of Sales solutions for Wine distribution which will speed up the sales process and makes it easier. The helps to drive growth, streamline operations, improve customer service, and centralize information. The POS it offers on mobile is specialized in handling the business processes which takes place in Winery tasting rooms.

4. Orderoso

Orderoso is another well organized order management app in the wine distribution sector. It enables you to easily manage and distribute complex breaks per product without the burden of configuration. It offers presentations features which allow sales reps to show video, photography and PDFs and record customer feedback. Orders created by sales reps on website can be sent to order desk, accounting and warehouse without any redundancies in data entry.

5. Microworks

Microworks Sales Management Software provides a comprehensive set of tools that are needed to manage your customers and sales processes while keeping track of the details. It comes with integration with Microsoft Office and makes it easy to analyse with Excel and publish with Word or email with Outlook. All reports generated are highly customizable to analyse the information you need.

6. EzyWine

EzyWine streamlines all winery procedures into one comprehensive package which can be easily utilised by every user and reduces the time, errors and costs associated with double-entry when running multiple packages. Services it offers include on-site training and consultation, regional seminars, hotline phone support, upgrades, comprehensive training notes and EzyWine Cloud Hosting.

7. FinProd

FinProd centralizes multiple databases in a single system to improve data accuracy, enhance communication across departments and with customers, and reduce redundancy and data entry. It supports strategic planning and management activities and streamlines critical business processes. It creates opportunities to lower costs and increase sales, market share and margins.

8. Subscribility

Subscribility uses valuable data intelligence and automatically generate new sales from your social likes and followers. It allows sales managers to monitor habits and preferences of customers and target them in more efficient way.

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