Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: New features and upgrade

On September 14th, Microsoft proudly presented Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to 600 partner representatives at Directions US and the software. It is now available to all existing and new customers as it was released on Oct 1st 2014.

There have been several additions in the important features and significant advancements that promise to enhance the user experience for the small and mid-sized businesses. With this addition, there are many other things for businesses to look forward to. With the catchphrase “More Mobile and More Cloud”, for its new Navision update, Microsoft distinctly gave an impression that this update will come with many new and exciting features for the mobile device users. Apart from this, the new add ons include improved Office 365 integration, improved document reporting and more. Let’s have a detailed look on these exciting features:

Everything is going mobile:

Cloud is the topic of discussion everywhere today. Using SaaS like MS Dynamics NAV is a major benefit due to cloud implementation and elimination of limits that stuck to usage of computers in old days. Now mobility is not limited. The significance of addition of mobile interface for all applications in the ERP system and the scope of cloud has widened with more users. Microsoft introduced a new interface called “Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablet”. This means that all small and mid-sized businesses can access data from a tablet. Developing for MS Dynamics NAV for Tablet is similar to developing for the NAV Web client using the NAV Development Environment.

Total integration with Microsoft Word:

NAV 2015 added complete integration feature with Microsoft Word. Reporting in MS Dynamics NAV could never have been easier. With this, now users can use MS Word to manage and create report layouts in Navision. As most people are familiar with MS Word, the task of creating reports have become simpler. On top of that, it has simplified creating customized reports with multiple layouts. NAV’s latest upgrade also allows users to schedule document reporting tasks.

Simplified UX and improved Visual Experience:

Not letting its users disappointed, MS Dynamics NAV adhered to a standard user interface with a set of simplified pages and objects under the name Simplified UX.

The new UX consists of features like:

  • All objects within the 13xx range

  • A new role Center 9022 specially made for Small businesses

  • Over 60 simplified pages

  • auto-fill function

  • Total amount display on all the purchase and sales documents

  • Better and improved business intelligence dashboards

Bank Integration:

Now converting electronic bank statements into data and uploading it in the ERP database can be done easily through MSNAV 2015. All the bank statements in Dynamics can be imported/ exported from/to bank transactions with World’s 25 leading banks. Besides all this, the upgrade also offers few more furthered financial management features which include:

  • Simplified payment reconciliation

  • Improved payment export

  • Use of due date as ‘Posting Date’ in Payment Journal

  • Verification and confirmation of VAT Registration numbers

  • Supply certificates for VAT reporting

Office 365 Integration:

MS NAV provides interoperability with Office 365, which allows the customers to analyze, drill down, share and collaborate with peers. And with the usability enhancements to make their solution easier and more familiar, customers will have a seamless and effortless experience in working across all applications.

-Simplified email messaging via SMTP including Office 365

-Sign in to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client using your Office 365 account

Customized Tiles on Role Center:

In NAV, Tiles on the Role Center visually represent important business data and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). In NAV 2015, users will be able to configure these tiles with colors and images to make them more expressive. A user can also set decimal places as the data represented in the tiles have been made customizable.

RapidStart Services:

With the new NAV upgrade, it is now possible for the user to convert or map values from a different ERP system into Dynamics NAV. The user can also clean-up and process the values (data) during import.

These are the few important add-ons of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 update which were released by Microsoft in the later weeks of the last month. DBSync allows you to integrate your front and back-office applications to streamline and automate your business processes and ensure that your MS Dynamics NAV data is accurate, timely, and functional.

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