DBSync is Now on Sage Marketplace

DBSync is on Sage Marketplace !!! Check us out at http://www.sage.com/marketplace

Sage is another large player in SMB space along with the QuickBooks of the worlds and boasts a large number of customers across the world. Sage has multiple offerings (through its many acquisitions along with its own product line) – ranging from Sage Live (on Salesforce Platform), Sage 50 (Peachtree), Sage 100 (Previously MAS 90, 200) and Sage 500 (MAS 500).

At DBSync, we work with a lot of customers in Small to Mid size, in manufacturing, services, healthcare and more. It was just a matter of time for us that driven by our success with other CRM and accounting systems that we add Sage to our list. Now we are ready and have partnered with Sage on Live and Sage 100 (MAS90, 200) to offer our integration platform to extend Sage to integrate with other CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, popular Databases, eCommerce apps and more. We are excited !

So, while all this is good, what can you do with it, here are some examples

    • Integrate Point of Sales or Order Management Systems with Sage.
      Pocket Advantage (by Inventiv) a Leading Order Management system for Wine Distribution captures orders in its sleek and easy to use mobile app and pushes it to its cloud. With DBSync we can now pull all the order from its cloud and push it to Sage and integrate inventory levels, customers and mode – thereby increasing Sales visibility across the system.

    • Integrate CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Opportunity to Order / Invoice
      This is a common use case, you close a deal in your CRM and need to push invoice to your accounting, streamlining your opportunity to cash process and reducing the unnecessary manual labor of  double data entry.

    • Replicate Sage on-premise to Cloud BI
      With the growth of Cloud BI, business can now get more visibility across systems without a huge BI investment. Now we can push Sage data to a Cloud BI infrastructure to get better reporting and analysis, across one or more apps.

  • Services and Manufacturing: Time and Expense integration with Sage
    Integrate time and expense with other HR apps like TargetRecruit.net and others to your accounting system to streamline payroll and others. Must have for all business as this is a very tedious process which needs to be done on a the same cycle of that of your payroll. Your payroll team will love it !

Need more information, email our sales team at sales@preprod.mydbsync.com or call at 1-877-739-2818.
Also check out White papers at preprod.mydbsync.com/for-business

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