DBSync + Intuit, Go big with new data integration and process automations between QuickBooks Enterprise and Salesforce CRM

DBSync’s mission has always been to provide a robust and easy-to-use platform to integrate cloud apps with other cloud or on-premise apps to increase data usability & visibility across your systems and organization. DBSync’s CloudWorkflow for long has been a go-to solution offering simple plug-and-play integration solutions to some of the most complex integrations between Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks Enterprise, benefiting customers across streams.

Perhaps it’s a testament to that commitment that today we are more excited than ever before to announce with Intuit QuickBooks a smarter and unparalleled experience for QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond customers. This experience will be realized through a desktop software subscription service that provides seamless bi-directional integration of customer and financial data between QuickBooks Enterprise and Salesforce CRM systems.

Why is it great for customers?

With this new add-on, customers can leverage DBSync’s robust and customizable work-flow architecture to automate mundane tasks, streamline process flows, reduce double-data entry, and improve accuracy across the board. All these capabilities and more, help businesses do that one thing they strive for – getting closer to their customers. QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond customers will also have access to libraries/solutions with some of the cross-industry automations, including:

●     Quote or Order to Cash: From the point of quoting a potential customer to receiving the quote as a posted transaction into QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond to getting paid on the corresponding Invoice and reconciling the payment with the original quote/order within Salesforce

●     Service to Cash: From the point of rendering service and raising a work order to get paid on the work order to automating invoicing and receivable payments against the original work order

●     Procure to pay: From the point of creation of a payable transaction and raising a Vendor Invoice or Vendor Bill to capturing the payment or cost incurred against the bill

●     Inventory Updates & Inventory Tracking: From tracking and managing inventory on every order booked for a given SKU to managing corresponding inventory levels, whether it be quantity-on-hand, quantity-on-order or the actual stock availability levels for a given SKU, to the warehouse location within Salesforce and QuickBooks Enterprise

Where does DBSync come in, and what does this partnership entail?

DBSync is a key feature of the QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond subscription, and along with the software in itself, businesses will have access via Intuit to DBSync’s best-in-class support and deep knowledge and experience of providing similar integrations between Salesforce and QuickBooks for more than a decade. Additional benefits that businesses can leverage by getting QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond subscription, include:

●      Define a system of record or master data between your Salesforce & QuickBooks Enterprise.

●     Orchestrate data movement and data-flow that is in line with your business processes.

●     Define data-flows and sync direction with respect to each entity or object between Salesforce & QuickBooks Enterprise, depending on the use-case you are trying to achieve.

●      Reduce manual processes and improve operational efficiency.

●     Reduce overall operational cost and throughput while automating processes across your Sales, Services & Accounting processes.

We all know accountants love QuickBooks Enterprise and swear by it. Now with the integration of DBSync and QuickBooks,  they have even more power to change business processes between Salesforce & QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond to help reduce overall operational costs. DBSync will work closely with Intuit to provide the best possible support and results without any intervention of additional third-party tools or consultants like in the past. This DBSync/QuickBooks Enterprise value proposition lies in helping businesses streamline and have a bird’s eye view of their entire sales and post-sales processes from pipelining, to lead nurturing, to invoicing, to getting paid, resulting in increasing visibility, profitability, and scalability across the organization.

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