Automate your e-retail business under $250

Since COVID-19 has taken the world into abyss, the e-retail business has become more and more popular. Many shops and small business owners have moved their products to online stores. Giants like Amazon and eBay have received more number seller listings during this year like never before.

All these online stores have somehow reduced the physical workforce but the various eCommerce applications have taken advantage of this situation to increase their Sales.

Shopify is one of them which has gained more popularity over this period and thus providing a cost-effective way to move small businesses online. With just $29 Per Month, you can move your business online and increase your reach to a global audience.

It’s not only the sales which are affected, but the financial world has also taken a hit as well. The daily inflow of money for these businesses is really important, which accounting applications like QuickBooks have managed it really well. Starting from just $12 per month, QuickBooks provides a pretty convenient way to send invoices out and receive the payments.

All these applications had made B2B and B2C cost-effective, but this phenomenon is getting bigger and bigger as more merchants are moving to online space thus making automation a necessity. Nowadays, automation is not just the buzz word, it’s imperative for these businesses.

Accounting Automation

DBSync CloudWorkflow makes this automation even more simple, easy to implement, and deploy. With just under $200 p.m you can automate your complete eCommerce business starting from “Order fulfillment” to receiving payments with Shopify and QuickBooks and tracking shipments with Shipstation. DBSync provides a trouble-free and seamless integration between Shopify and QuickBooks by pushing your order data to QuickBooks to create invoices in almost real-time, Thus, avoiding any human intervention. It saves business owners close to $30,000 USD per year on an average in terms of overhead cost and also saves a ton of time in automating mundane manual work.

As an automation partner, DBSync not only helps in accounting automation, it also allows you to automate your inventory stock update changes and keep your Shopify stock updated at all times. Whenever a product is sold, the inventory for the product gets reduced in Shopify. With DBSync integration, those incremental inventory stock on hand updates can flow into QuickBooks and notify the purchasing team and generate a purchase order for a given SKU if the stock needs a refresh.

On the other hand, when the stock comes and that PO is received, those changes are reflected back to Shopify and making a particular product SKU available for ordering. This data-flow alone makes it super easy operationally, without needing any manual intervention.

Automated Shipment Processing

At the same time, the DBSync allows you to process shipments with its almost real-time integration with Shipstation. It not only pushes orders to Shipstation, but you can also generate tracking numbers via this automation. Thus completely harnessing the power of iPaaS, by reducing human effort in Order fulfillment and Order-2-Cash cycle.

With day-to-day competition in this growing market, automation has become an integral part of all businesses. The optimization in identifying buying patterns to fulfilling customer needs and eventually getting the all-important payments into your bank account, automation is pretty much lifeblood of your business. DBSync CloudWorkflow for Shopify is pretty much at the heart of these automation orchestrating data-movement and process integration with various business applications like Shipstation, POS systems accounting and so on.


In a nutshell, the right eCommerce solutions can boost your business and the bottom line, but a good automation solution can take your business to new heights giving you the much-needed edge. Given the unprecedented situation where work from home or working remote is the new norm, cloud solutions like DBSync can provide effectiveness and scalability to your businesses irrespective of your geography.

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