QuickBooks Online benefits for nonprofit organizations

Have you ever imagined few years back that our world would see faster changes in technology front with newer and better products and features? Yes, let’s accept the fact that we are in world with fast changes in technology right from accounting software to various payment modes by customers and organizations.

All nonprofit organization are run by donations made by its members and non members in various modes of payments like cheques, credit card, debit card, mobile banking, online banking, PayPal & other modes.  Currently QuickBooks online edition accepts payments only through credit card payment by its donors, members & non members.

Why QuickBooks should incorporate these features in QuickBooks online edition

  • Higher ROI (Return on Investment) – All nonprofit organization either small or large look for return on investment as they rely only on donations. If these latest payments modes are automated rather than manually entering them it would reduce a substantial amount of time and money for the organization
  • Lower TCO (Total cost of ownership) – Most accounting software vendors like QuickBooks and others would always reply on lower TCO for their customer to be more competitive in the market. By these features automated payments modes the cost of ownership would reduce drastically for customers

We would soon see a world without any cheque payments either by organizations or customers. To be in tandem with the changes in payment modes by customers and organizations QuickBooks need to incorporate these features as quickly as possible in QuickBooks online edition to be ahead of its competition and being a next generation company for its customers.

Here’s a demo of DBSync’s Salesforce & QuickBooks integration:

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