Oracle’s 4 announcements at Openworld

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison used his opening keynote at Oracle Open World (OOW) to unveil several offering for its coming year mostly centered around its cloud product and services , including its own private cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and its latest database version—which, coincidentally, can be stored in memory within Oracle’s latest Exadata database machines.

Ellison opened OpenWorld with 4 key announcements:

  1. Oracle Cloud : All Three Tiers of Service i.e SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Oracle to offering infrastructure as a service; that it will complement the IaaS offering by allowing customers to run that same infrastructure behind their corporate firewall as a private cloud
    • SaaS: CRM Suite, HCM Suite, ERP Suite
    • PaaS: Oracle DBMS, JAVA, Fussion Middleware, Oracle Social Networking…
    • IaaS: OS, VM, Compute Service, Storage Service, Exadata, Exalogic…
  1. Oracle Owned and Managed Private Cloud An Extension to Oracle Cloud behind your Firewall. This offering will help companies which have to adhere to regulatory rules and have stayed away from adopting the cloud. This will provide them with best of both worlds.
  2. Oracle Multi-Tenant Database 12c. The ‘c’ for cloud will provide Multi-tenancy right in the database. He touted that NetSuite and Salesforce which got started late 90’s built multi-tenancy in the application layer, which while at that time was a good strategy, but did not provide the right security or use of tools to run things like queries and others. Which Oracle database 12c, multi-tenancy is built within the database.
  3. Exadata X3 servers – Database in Memory, which barely uses disk drives at all in-favor of in-memory storage, with flash memory as a fallback. This will enable 1.5 million IO capability, shifting data between into flash memory and then to disk. This will be the Hardware foundation of the Oracle Cloud.

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