Chit Chat with the CEO of DBSync

DBsync provides   an   affordable    and    simple    to    use    integration solution    for    Cloud,
SaaS   or   On-premise    applications including    CRM,   Accounting    and    Healthcare    EMR     delivered    both on-demand  or  on-premise.

I was able to grab some time with Rajeev Gupta , CEO of DBSync after I heard the NEWS that he and his team have released a free version of DBSync. The first question that came to mind was, WHY ? Why would a cloud based application developer offer an application free of charge?

Interview with CEO of DBsync

I asked him this question in our most recent discussion.  Lets have a look at his answer :

Question 1: What kind of product has been released by DBSync recently ?

Answer: DBSync has released its free version for Salesforce(CRM) and Quickbooks Desktop so that small organizations unable to purchase our product can now use some of the features from paid version. They can easily sign up and use the free version

Question 2:Do you think small businesses are hesitant to buy cloud based applications ?

Answer: Not at all.   Small businesses don’t hesitate to buy Cloud Based applications.  It’s actually large businesses that are more hesitant. They feel a lack of control as they feel it’s outsourced, while others have security concerns. A lot of times adopting technology like is driven from the business side. Lately, we have seen it’s been adopted by the technology teams within organizations. They feel that it’s inevitable that they adopt to the cloud. DBSync provides technologies to assist the IT team by getting access to Cloud data quickly. We have also partnered with CloudCipher to address security. These solutions are especially valuable to Banks and Healthcare organizations that are highly regulated industries.

Question 3: Do you think Cloud Computing will be the future ?

Answer: Definitely. Companies have started taking initiatives to work on cloud based applications since Cloud is becoming mainstream be it SaaS(Software as a Service) business apps, backup, storage, or Infrastructure as a Service. This is still one of the fastest growing sectors and will remain in the coming years. Within business apps, we have seen it grow from CRM to Human Capital Management to EMR in healthcare.

Question 4:In your experience, what industries can benefit from using the cloud ?

Answer: We have customers adopting the cloud across the board. It started from Small and Mid Size, and now we see a lot of larger companies. Recently we attended Dreamforce and there was a great turnout of companies across all Industries. Next week is Oracle Open World, and Oracle is announcing a number of cloud offerings. We see  major software providers like Microsoft and Oracle providing multiple choices. Traditional software vendors like Intuit and others are also providing a SaaS alternative.

Question 5:Which is the biggest pain of SME that DBSync may solve?

Answer: Our focus is to bring Cloud apps that work seamlessly together. Companies are adopting best of breed cloud apps and require seamless integration, both from a data perspective as well as the user experience. We provide solutions that help them streamline business processes across cloud apps and hence, reduce double data entry.

Here’s a Salesforce & QuickBooks integration demo:

Salesforce & QuickBooks

If you have any questions for Rajeev Gupta please feel free to write your question in the comment box. For more DBSync details and discussions log on to .

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