How to make the most out of D365UG/CRMUG Summit

Update, Oct 23: Read our review of the event here:

It’s DBSync first participation at D365UG/CRMUG Summit, and I put together useful advice about the event for every participant.

Let’s dig in!

We adore events; all of them are a great opportunity to learn, grow and our favorite part: to meet awesome people involved in the Microsoft community! The combination of live trainings and meaningful connections can´t compare to all the work we do back in the office behind our computers, so it’s important to get the most out of these opportunities when they come along.

Conferences create lots of expectations – and Summit is regarded as one of the best in the CRM community! If you are going to join us there, we’re sure you already know how much you are going to gain out of it… but just to refresh, here’s a reminder of some of our favorite takeaways that come with attending:

The educational opportunities. Because learning is important for every employer and business; no matter If you are a part of the marketing team, sales or an IT Manager. Everybody can get something out of the UG Summit and everybody will learn something.

Network with peers. We all need some partners in crime, and here is a great opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones! Networking and developing meaningful relationships at events like Summit can change the way you do business for years to come.

Show them what you got. You get the chance to be a little nerdy and even brag a bit about your company and what have you accomplished. Conferences give you the chance to listen to others’ stories and learn from everyone’s experiences. This kind of exposure helps you to close more deals and improve your company’s strategy by giving you a worldview of the competitive landscape.

Getting ready for the big event

Going to the D365UG/CRMUG Summit takes preparation beyond just picking a company T-shirt that looks fantastic on you – although that’s very important too! The UG Summit celebrates 10 years of making an impact on Microsoft Dynamics community, so we are sure they are preparing some very special material for this go around. At DBSync we prepared some tips to help make sure you’re ready to get the most out of the event.

So keep reading..

Have all your technical questions ready. Once you’ve met your seriously smart Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM peers, industry experts, and Microsoft executives, you’ll find new, better, and simpler ways to get things done at work…but only if you ask the right questions.

Make proper invitations and plan ahead who are you going to meet each day. Having a well-constructed agenda is crucial to getting the most out of the event. If you can set meetings with companies that you have on your radar prior to the Summit, that’s even better. And don’t forget to include DBSync in your meeting list 😉

Be prepared with all the basics. Be Indiana Jones ready with business cards, laptops, presentations, emails, and a physical agenda to take notes.

Be ready to adjust your pitch. Have your elevator pitch down, but be ready to adapt it to suit the needs of your prospects. Listen and ask meaningful questions so that when it’s your turn to speak you’re adding the right kind of value.

Have fun. People like doing business with people they like. Crazy, right? Don’t be afraid to socialize and have fun with your peers!

Have in mind that the events like D365UG/CRMUG Summit should lead to a return – this is not just a great opportunity to explore the great bars of Nashville (though do make time for that). Come up with a solid strategy and a goal in mind. Ask yourself: after this event, what kind of return do I want to see? Doesn’t matter if your focus is learning or sales – it all has to go to one point: business. Quantify your goals.


So Cinderella returns to its laptop and you can’t forget about the concerts or the parties and your head is still reminiscing on those “business drinks” you had; but it’s time to get back to reality and the event is not over.

Teaching others about what you learned is crucial. Put together a proper presentation to educate your team and get them inspired. Have in mind that the event should not only affect you – even members of your organization that don’t attend should see the benefit, especially if you want to go back next year!

Also, it’s time for some serious follow up. Those folks might seem super interested at the booth, their eyes might have sparkled when you spoke, but let’s be honest – that magic fades away with every new day. Act quickly! Have your follow up emails ready and your phone agenda organized to keep the momentum going.

And finally, take notes and measure your results. Make time to review your goal and keep track of all opportunities that came from the event. Assess what you did right and where you think you can improve. This will be just one of many events to come, so get ready to make the next one even better!

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