How to Get More Out of your Data Integration Strategy.

Imagine running a Financial institution, banking services or retail investment company with multiple branches across dozens of locations and having multiple instances of CRMs(Like Salesforce) and multiple Sage Intacct or Netsuite accounts and data warehouses, along with having to cope with compliances like SOX and FINRA alongside having consistent data backup and replication. On top […]

The Relationship of Customer Experience with Cloud Data Integration

Today’s organizations constantly generate vast volumes of data while transacting with customers daily. This data could be related to purchases, preferences, or even be born within the organizations through day-to-day operations. With customer experience becoming a differentiator for businesses while they compete, it becomes necessary to take a data-driven approach as that will lead to […]

Issues with substandard Data Quality

Quality of data plays a major critical role in industries like retail, telecommunications & financial services with large customer base. Most organizations falling under these industries in a rush to capture market share and to add new customers give secondary thought to quality of data captured, leading to substandard customer data with inaccurate, duplicate & […]

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