Salesforce Product Schedules & Recurring Invoicing

Integration with Product Schedules is now available !!!


A lot of customers have been asking us for supporting Product Schedules for recurring invoicing and billing, and now we have the support for it.

Who would benefit from it?

  • Firms providing Software Subscription based products and services.
  • Publication firms – magazine, online content, e-learning, etc
  • Services companies providing utilities like waste management, telecom, insurance, daycare and others
  • Healthcare firms providing ongoing services like weight management, home health and others

How does it work

  • Set up your product schedule as you would normally set it up in Salesforce. Setup your dates and occurrences
  • Set up a scheduler to run every day, week, or month. The scheduler provided calculates the next invoice date and updates the next invoice date (custom) field in Opportunity. Use a workflow to update the Generate flag for the next invoice.
  • You are done!!! DBSync will pick up all invoices as the dates come due and will generate Invoices, Sales Order, and Sales Receipts as per Generate Field in opportunity.
  • This setup can easily be extended to address most of the business processes around recurring invoice payments.


  • Login to DBSync
  • Click on Library
  • Add the process library for the Recurring template and use the installation document to install the application.
  • Once you install the application, set the scheduler provided in the installation to match your billing cycle
  • As the scheduler runs in the interval assigned, it will mark the corresponding opportunity to generate one of the accounting documents like Invoice, Sales Receipt, etc.
  • The next time DBSync runs the invoicing process, it will pick up all the Opportunities and process it for invoicing as per setup for Invoice or Sales Receipts.

Here’s a demo of our Salesforce replication to the database:

Data replication

Please feel free to contact us at or call 1-877-739-2818 to get more information.

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