Let’s Talk Technology with DBSync @ Dreamforce 2018

Getting ready for four days of learning, sharing and fun? We at DBSync can’t wait to be at this year’s Dreamforce event.

Like the previous years, we are excited to meet new people, chat about their success stories, and showcase some interesting stuff in our integration platform.

With 2700+ sessions, 171,000+ attendees and 400+ partners and customers under one roof,  Dreamforce demands your preparation.

Oh, check out our new jingle before you read on!

Here is a short list of things that you should consider:

How to explore Dreamforce 2018 and find us

1. Have a map & download the Salesforce Events app

Dreamforce is held in various Salesforce venues including the Marriott Marquis, Moscone Center, the Palace Hotel, Golden Gate – Service Theater etc. While treasure hunting is fun and exciting, having a map (paper or digital map) can get you places easily.

You can also download the Salesforce Events app from the app store as your go-to-guide.

2. Power bank for your laptop and phones

Between the long sessions and meetings, your laptop and phones may run out of charging. An extra set of batteries or power bank will help you breeze through those moments. Also you can share those back-ups with your fellow trailblazers in need.

3. Attend awesome sessions at Dreamforce

Don’t forget to add the sessions you want to attend to your calendar.

4. Put your party attire on

There are Dreamforce parties scheduled for every night of the conference.

5. Be ready to rock with Metallica

After a  long day full of sessions and meetings, unwind yourself and be ready to join Metallica at Dreamfest. This will also benefit UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

6. Interesting stuff (what we mentioned above) at Booth #1907

We want to invite you to our booth for a quick demo on how our integration platform can help your business to simplify and automate your workflow.

Here we are at Dreamforce:

While we are here to show you the things we have been working on;

Let’s have a deeper look at what kind of data troubles businesses are facing.

Then there is Data…

Your Business uses data for a lot of applications – For business intelligence, reporting, application development, testing, customer support, regulatory compliance and so on.

It requires the data to be in sync and keep flowing seamlessly from one instance to other instances.

Keeping data in silos and a lack of proper integration tool can translate into the following challenges that businesses face:

  • Manual workflow maintenance and data loss: From leads to orders to invoices, the lack of a proper connection tool results in having to do your data entries manually, consuming your time and increasing the number of errors and data losses..
  • Data silos: different departments working in isolation, creating a lack of data synchronization, which results in isolated data sources.
  • Extra data samples for testing and development: rogue backup copies for testing and development, usually created without much care, resulting in programming and testing errors.
  • Regulatory compliance problems: transparency is key to regulatory compliance and data disorganization is the best enemy.
  • Vendor dependence: being tied up to one vendor, who controls what you can and cannot do

… and many more

How DBSync helps

Data usage in business decisions or in application development and testing is nothing new. So, why can’t we just use it more efficiently by creating data transfers, snapshots and replications that cater to your specific business needs?

With the DBSync platform we can. Let’s take a quick glimpse why.

    • Seamless Salesforce Integration

Our Cloud Workflow lets you transfer data from / to Salesforce to / from different databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and more) and apps (QuickBooks, GoToWebinar, and more), be them your premises or on the cloud, in a highly customizable and user-friendly manner.

    • Salesforce Replication

Cloud Replication tool helps you keep your schema and data in sync between your Salesforce and a database of your choice. Thus, removing your risk of data loss by keeping updated backups, helping you comply with regulatory requirements and create staging for data migration

    • Salesforce Offline Data Warehousing

Our integration platform becomes invaluable when having to manage your data warehousing, reducing storage space and thus, operational costs.

    • Salesforce Snapshots & Restore

Our Copy Data Management helps you create snapshot records with relationships for partial export, and data sets for testing and development.

And we are very serious about providing excellent support to our customers whenever they need any. Here’s what one of our customers has to say about us.

Wanting to learn more?

Book now a quick meeting with one of our experts at https://preprod.mydbsync.com/dreamforce. See you there!

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