Intuit ends Salesforce for QuickBooks Integration

Intuit has announced that effective December 3, 2014 it will discontinue sales and support for all Salesforce for QuickBooks products. That means the discontinuation of Salesforce for QuickBooks subscription service (both the CRM subscription and the QuickBooks/Salesforce integration app).

So what happens after December 3, 2014 if you do not take any action post announcement?

• If you are a “Salesforce for QuickBooks” subscriber, your and the included integration services will cease. Intuit will no longer bill you for services after that date and your account will be cancelled.

• If you are a “Salesforce for QuickBooks Integration” subscriber, only your integration services will cease and your account will be cancelled. Your Salesforce CRM service will not be affected by the change to your integration service.

The reason behind the discontinuation of the services is their limitation of meeting high end needs of the customers and they do not have the capability to support several Salesforce extensions. Hence they are sending customers directly to Salesforce for service continuation or redirecting to the third parties. But just the conversion of your account from Intuit to Salesforce will not solve your concern, but you also need an integration tool which is better positioned, addresses the concerns and has the capability to meet higher level of customization solutions.

There’s nothing to get panicked about, as we are here to assist you take appropriate actions to protect your data and have it transitioned rightly. Though Intuit has provided a buffer period of 3 months to their customers for the complete conversion, there’s always a room for switching immediately to a better service provider that would help you sync your accounts and give you a seamless experience.
Let us give you the best alternate integration solutions through our DBSync Platform. DBSync for Salesforce and QuickBooks provides easy synchronization for Accounts, Products, Opportunity Closed to Customer, Jobs, Products and Invoice, Estimate or Sales Order in QuickBooks.

We started getting a lot of request from current customer of Intuit Salesforce & QuickBooks integration that Intuit is ending support for this product in December 2014. DBSync has already moved several Intuit customers into its Salesforce & QuickBooks. It’s one of the highest rated products on AppExchange.

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Please contact our Sales team ( and 1-877-739-2818) on how we can move you from Intuit offering without disrupting your current operations.


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