Introducing a New Standard Version For Many of DBSync’s Products

DBSync recently announced the introduction of standard edition for many of its products which is a big opportunity for startups and non-profit organizations to get started with their integration needs.

In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations need to manage their ever-growing streams of data and information, cost-effectively. To help small businesses succeed, DBSync has introduced standard versions for its products. The flexible and comprehensive solution of these versions will help organizations get started with their integration needs and grow into higher versions as they grow their business. Most small businesses save over $600 per month.

The standard versions are targeted to small organizations who have limited needs for integration and require only a few functionalities. Users of QuickBooks can get started with the standard version and reap benefits from its functionalities. It will allow them to integrate accounts opportunity with their sales order. Clients who require more functionalities and customization can upgrade to the Professional or the Enterprise version.

DBSync’s Professional and Enterprise Versions support more functionalities and can be used for customized integration, giving complete integration solution to the businesses.

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