Integrate eCommerce with Accounting Apps like Intacct

Is your eCommerce application disconnected with your accounting application like Intacct or others? You are not alone in going through this pain !!!

As you grow into your business, you add applications. You start off with Quickbooks, then add eCommerce applications and more as you start to organize your business and life. Then you realize “Geez” I have all these data all across and I am sitting down copying data from one application to the other, reconciling payments and more. Every business we have spoken to have its own story…

While we are trying to address most of these issues, lately we have received a lot of interest in our Intacct Integration Connector. Intacct themselves provide integration with a pre-built setup, works for most case and does not in others. But a bigger problem is integrating with existing in-house application like Shopping carts and others. If you look at the Intacct ecosystem, there are not many, actually none which are cost effective.

We had a similar experience with one of our prospects and we recorded our session to show you all how we can easily use DBSync to integrate with in-house databases. We have also used the same mechanism to integrate with other CRM’s like SugarCRM and vTiger. We hope you find this informative.

This is a two-part YouTube video.

Part 1:

Intacct Integration

Part 2:

MSDynamics CRM Intacct integration

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can also register at to get access to our Wiki for more examples.

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