QuickBooks and PostgreSQL Integration

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QuickBooks, Database


  • Database Compability This connector supports any JDBC or ODBC compliant database, such as Oracle Database, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazone Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL, Microsoft Access and many more.
  • Streaming Big Data It helps you streamline your accounting, CRM and ERP data with your database.
  • Exporting and Migrating Data Export data from Accounting, CRM or other ERP systems into a central data warehouse for consolidated reporting.


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QuickBooks 2008 and Later US, QuickBooks 2008 UK and Canada and QuickBooks Online

Absolutely! You also have the control to make it uni-directional if you choose.

By default the sync is availble for almost all QuickBooks objects. Please ask for a DBSync advisor to assist you further.

Yes, you can surely perform data migration and there are no limitations.

Of course! There is a 14-day Free Trial option available. Please complete registration process.

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