QuickBooks Desktop and PocketAdvantage Integration

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  • Pre-Built connector supporting PocketAdvantage API’s DBSync PocketAdvantage Connector and template comes with the support for PocketAdvantage FTP, Database and API support. In-built scheduling and queueing of data flow makes sure that critical business objects like Customer, Items, Invoices and Orders are not duplicated and integrity is maintained.
  • Direct Connectivity The application connects directly to PocketAdvantage application instance and enables the user to query, add, modify and delete various types of records including customers, Items, Orders, Sales order, Invoice, Credit Memo and many more.
  • Built-in Template We provide a standard template to facilitate the integration of various objects between PocketAdvantage application and supported accounting systems. Also supported is the capacity to customize and extend the templates using something as simple as mapping and data flow, or advanced as ApiCode.
  • Support for API methods It has been built on a new architecture i.e API management, so that it supports a wide range of API methods, such as Read Order, Update customers, Update Items, Update Transact, Get Queue and Update Order Status.


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DBSync connects to Pocket Advantage through API calls, either web method or API methods should be exposed for other applications to consume it.

DBSync has a standard template built in for the clients of pocket advantage. If the scope of work involves other than standard data flow supported by our standard template, then additional integration should be done.

The valid account with Pocket advantage and valid license of PocketAdvantage connector.

DBSync works through the cloud, which makes access easier and maintenance without no additional installations.

Sync can be performed every 5 minutes.

QuickBooks 2008 US, UK and Canada, QuickBooks Online

DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.

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