Our vision is to build a platform for connecting Digital Business and to “get your apps talking” : Rajeev Gupta, CEO of DBSync

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In his recent interview to Superbcrew, Rajeev Gupta, CEO of DBSync and CTO of Avankia quoted the resolution of company in the year of 2016 in offering integration and replication space. He continued to share his experiences which motivated him to jumpstart the iPaaS solutions

Following are the excerpts of his interview

DBSync got spunoff from Avankia in 2009. The origins of it was a few years before when a healthcare customer of Avankia (a sister company) which focuses on Salesforce Consulting wanted to replicate Salesforce to its Oracle database. Around the same time we got into an incubation program by Salesforce, where this one of service engagement took form of a product and started to expand.

Read the full Interview here

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